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Covering the general practice of baking, these resources will help you with everything from learning how to wash your hands, to identifying
age-specific kitchen tasks.
Offering a diverse collection of educational resources in the form of lesson plans, fun activities, and age-specific recipes. We offer access to baking help lines, baking products suited to make your life a little easier, as well as information about nutrition and wellness.

Ask The Experts

Highlights Resources

How to Wash

The Thrill of the Skill

Ten Tips for Baking Succes

Bake for Funds

Early - Bakeworks

Elementary - Quilt Cake

High School - Cookie Capers

Elementary - Let's Wrap

Bake for Family Fun Month

No Kid Hungry

Measurement Guide

Cooking Skills Checklist

Baking for Special Needs

Baking Food Safety 101

Camp Fire USA’s out-of-school-time, camps and club programs have shared educational opportunities for staff and volunteers with the Home Baking Association over the past 15 years. Workshops, Hold on to Health resources and Reality Foods activities shared by Camp Fire council staff are partner programs.

Reality Foods Lessons

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A Baker’s Dozen Labs

The Home Baking Association is proud to work with BGCA Health and Life Skills staff to offer Portable Kitchen resources that build STEM + Arts activities and lessons for clubs, camps and classrooms that do not have kitchens. Thank you BGCA for letting HBA support your mission “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

Portable Kitchen

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A Baker’s Dozen Labs

The Home Baking Association is excited to work with early child hood educators through workshops at NAEYC and Parents as Teachers. paragraph explains the Home Baking Association relationship with NAEYC, giving several examples of how the organizations have partnered over the years. The link provided leads visitors to a special page containing all materials created in cooperationwith, and for NAEYC.

BakeWorks lesson

NAEYC Power point

Pumpkin Pancake Book and Bake

Baking with Friends pdf lesson (Confetti Cornbread)

The Thrill of Skill pdf

Baking Skills pdf

How to Wash pdf

Ten Tips pdf

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A Baker’s Dozen Labs

4-H fosters a “learn by doing” program reaching youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards and rural farming communities providing opportunities for youth to learn skills in baking and through community leadership and service share skills learned with others. The Home Baking Association staff and members have provided hands-on baking session sessions at National 4-H Congress.

Baking Around the World (4-H Congress)

Bakers Lend a Humane Hand

Bread with A Twist

Kitchen Science: Baking for Special Needs

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A Baker’s Dozen Labs

Dough Shaping Workshop

Workshop Download

90 Minute Yeast Dough Recipe

Bread Shaping for Fun

Thanksgiving Bread Centerpiece Image

Tom Turkey Bread Centerpiece

Thrill of the Skill

Dough Sculpting 101

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Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) middle and high school advisers and chapter teen leaders are some of HBA’s earliest education partners. Baking, food science and culinary skills resources support more than 25 education standards for the Family & Consumer Sciences classroom and FCCLA Family’s First, Power of One, Student Body and Financial Fitness programs.

Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

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A Baker’s Dozen Labs

The Portable Kitchen resources are a fit for STEM and life-skill competencies in after-school programs. HBA’s workshops and member test kitchens, A Baker’s Dozen Labs, Baking Glossary science experiments and Portable Kitchens all provide tested resources for NAA professionals.

HBA Members

HBA Glossary

Portable Kitchens

Yeast Experiment 1

Yeast Experiment 2

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A Baker’s Dozen Labs

Fun With Foods-After School and Summer Learning Program


Baking Builds STEAM

NEW! Everybody Bakes Bread Lesson Plan

The Story of Wheat

Blueberry Mug Muffin Food Safety Lesson Plan

Spoon, Scoop and Scale Sample Activity

Whole Grain Baking 101

Baking Science Ingredient Functions

How Well Do You Know Sugar?

Gemma's 5 Star Chocolate Chip Cookies

CACFP Menu Planning Guide

The Power of Eggs

A Baker's Dozen Smart Snack Baking Recipes

Level Headed Measuring

Baking Food Safety 101

Why Bake?

Dough Shaping Recipe

Spanish Resources

Bread with a Twist

Bread In A Bag

Thrill of Skill

Tips for Baking Success with Children

Food Skills Check-list

Safe Kitchen Check-list

Difference between Baking Soda & Baking Powder

The Wheat You Eat

Sprouting Up: Recipes and Games

Bake for Good

What Happened to the Yeast Bread?

Measure Up! Worksheet

Dough Sculpting Packet

Bake for Funds

Cookie Capers - High School Lesson

Cookie Capers - Middle School Lesson

Connie Evers - Nutrition for Kids

Easy As Pie Lesson Plan

Gluten in the Diet

Homemade Pizza vs Takeout

Flour Tortillas Activity & Recipe

Fad Diets

Grains of Truth: Ancient and Pseudo Grains

Rainbow Sugar Resource

Blueberries for Sal

Dough Sculpting 101 Teaching Guide

Even when you don’t have a kitchen or oven, all ages can build food skills, math, literacy and ingredient science! The Portable Kitchen features a blue print to compile your own Portable Kitchen crates and table-top food lessons and activities for all ages.

Find many more in A Baker’s Dozen Baking Lab Manual.

Pumpkin Power Book and Bake

Thrill of Skill

Portable Kitchen

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The Scoop on Gluten

Book and Bake: Chocolate Waffles

Gift Tags

More Gift Tags

Baking Certificate

Memory Game

Kitchen Leavening Science with Waffles

Yeast Experiment 1

Yeast Experiment 2

Cookie Science

Early American Holiday Puddings

Salt Savvy

Lavash Cracker Bread

Kitchen Science

Baking is a Science

The Scoop on Gluten

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Each year the Home Baking Association awards outstanding educators in classrooms and communities who engage individuals, families and communities with the many educational benefits baking provides for personal, family or professional development.

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The Home Baking Association Writer's Guild provides opportunities for leading cookbook authors and food industry writers to contribute to HBA resources.

Corrie Whisner, PhD - Deeply Ingrained In Gut Health

The Lewis and Clark Food Journal

Nancy Baggett - Cookie Chronicles

Connie Evers- Nutrition for Kids