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Summer Home Baking News

Baking is Fun for Children!

Baking is fun for children and a great way to start involving them
in the kitchen and food preparation. When do you start? Even 2
year olds can help in the kitchen! The Home Baking Association
provides a great guideline to help parents and educators involve
children of all ages in the kitchen. See the Thrill of Skill for
additional age appropriate skills!

Two-year-olds can learn:

- Proper hand washing
- Wipe table tops
- Play with utensils
- Scrub, wash, tear, snap, break food into pieces
- Move pre-measured ingredients from one place to another
- Add ingredients to a bowl

For Thrill of the Skill, click here

Sugar Cookie Cut-outs!

Children of all ages will love creating unique cookies when they bake Sugar Cookie Cut-outs!

Click here to view this exciting recipe!

Pre-school Kindergarten Activity

Butterfly Art For Very Hungry Kids!

These Springtime Butter Cookies will bring plenty of smiles as children learn about butterflies and make colored sugar!

'Butterfly Art For Very Hungry Kids"
Great for parties, school, or fun-at-home! - Click here for more info

Looking for New Ideas?
Check out our NEW Baking with Friends book!
The Home Baking Association is excited to introduce a new baking resource! Baking with Friends will inspire children to learn a new baking skill while spending time in the kitchen. Parents, educators and teen youth leaders will find this colorful whimsical book filled with recipes and ideas for teaching baking to children of all ages.

Each recipe in this 74-page hardback book includes family baking activity, fun facts, vocabulary word and suggested children's literature. Also includes 60 minute audio CD.
Order now for only $20.00.

For more information, click here
Click here to order now!

More Baking Resources from the Home Baking Association!
New Order Form - 2010

Whatever your educational or home baking needs, the Home Baking Association has resources available to make your life just a little easier. Click on the link above to view our available resources.

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