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Here you will find all of the tips and resources you need to make your bake sale a smashing success! Offering a diverse collection of educational resources, be sure to check out the HBA storefront for your classroom needs. Plan now for future baking lessons in your school or community outreach program.

The Home Baking Association (HBA) web site is a valuable resource for educators, parents, community service volunteers, scratch-bakers and anyone else interested in baking. Here you will find recipes, activities, lesson plans and other valuable resources that help you at home in the kitchen, or in the classroom.

The HBA mission of “growing the practice of home baking” could not be more timely due to economic conditions and other societal changes. The fact is more meals are being prepared at home, and this organization is at the forefront in sharing our tools and knowledge to not only current bakers, but future generations as well. In recent years more people learned about HBA than ever before, keeping the momentum of this non-profit organization going strong.
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Safe steps in food handling, cooking, and storage are essential in preventing foodborne illness. You can't see, smell, or taste harmful bacteria that may cause illness. Reference the following materials provided by the Home Baking Association and members so you can have a safe and enjoyable experience in the kitchen.

North American Milling Association has created a suite of materials perfect for educating others about Flour Food Safety. Please view the video, as well as their handy safety poster available in three languages.

Check out thisĀ Flour Food Safety Video

Did You Know? Posters
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